Migrating a Website without loss of SEO

Migrating a Website without loss of SEO - AMO Media Sydney

Websites and their hosting environments can be varied.

Some hosting providers are slow to respond to you, but their monthly fee is so cheap, others charge more than their counterparts, but you can’t fault the service.

Can you really migrate a website without losing your traffic?

The Transfer Process and Downtime

Generally website owners should expect a little downtime during the transfer process, as you are often dealing with 3rd parties such as DNS Servers, the new registrars, the hosting provider and your website developers.

Behind the scenes - Website files need to be transferred, databases need to be restored, software installations, sub-domain configurations, and then of course you need to wait until servers across the world start propagating the changes!

The Checklist and Considerations

  1. Check your current hosting Terms and Conditions. Are their penalties for early cancellation? Will you be able to get access to your files and content?
  2. Content Management System (CMS). If you have a CMS on your current website and it was built by the same company who are now hosting the site, chances are you will not be able to have access to the CMS. You will have to allow for the cost of getting a new CMS built on the new hosting platform to allow you to make ongoing content changes.
  3. Don’t cancel your current host until you have transferred the website over. You could risk downtime, loss of files, and loss of database information.
  4. Make sure you are clear on the support contract of the new supplier. Do they provide website hosting only, or offer a certain number of hours for general website edits or will you be required to pay for changes as required?
  5. Ensure that all links are correctly re-pointed with 301 Redirects, and make sure that the Search Engines know how to find you!


Sounds Complicated?

Our team of industry experts can help with the complete migration process. We start with reviewing your current site structure, hosting environment, analyse how the Search Engines are indexing your website, liaise with your current hosts and rebuild your web-presence. We can offer a choice of CMS options, hosting & support packages to suit your budget, and offer content, SEO and SEM add-ons to secure you place in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Email sales@amomedia.com.au for a free quote.


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